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    • 圓新國際有限公司-大圖二
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    • " Design and customize your own seamless shapewear, girdle, bodysuit, underwear, maternity wear, nursing wear, and sportswear. "*|RN|**|RN|*YSI International Co.,Ltd. is a highly experienced team in " OEM / ODM seamless products " .We can provide functional yarns including Antibacterial yarn, cooling down yarn, bamboo charcoal yarn, Rayon ( Viscose) yarn, collagen yarn, germanium yarn and silver yarn..etc. *|RN|**|RN|*Seamless design features: *|RN|**|RN|*Seamless knit design is a finished garment - No Side Seams & Stitches. No leaving the seam mark on the body. It can be reduced the friction between skin and clothes.*|RN|*More comfortable, fitting close to the body when you are moving push and pull, stretch and squat. *|RN|*Seamless shapewear provide compression & shaping your body figure. Give you the confidence in your body.*|RN|*
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