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Last Update:2018-03-12

" Design and customize your own seamless shapewear, underwear and sportswear. "

YSI International Co.,Ltd. is a highly experienced team in " seamless products " for OEM / ODM business.

Seamless design features:

Seamless knit design is a finished garment - No Side Seams & Stitches. No leaving the seam mark on the body. It can be reduced the friction between skin and clothes.
More comfortable, fitting close to the body when you are moving push and pull, stretch and squat.
Seamless shapewear provide compression & shaping your body figure. Give you the confidence in your body.

This is an innovative and fashion design which use of seamless knit technology!

Basic Information

  • Business Type:Exporter,Manufacturer,OEM,ODM
  • Year Established:2010
  • Tel (1):+886-49-2932120
  • Tel (2):-
  • Zip Code:545
  • Address:No.400,Sec.2,Xi'an Rd.Puli Township,Nantou County 54559 Taiwan(R.O.C)
  • Main Product:Seamless underwear, seamless shapewear, seamless sportswear, seamless maternity wear, seamless nursing wear
  • Main Export Market:Asia,Europe,North America,United States of America,Mainland China,Canada

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